2014-04-24 07:01:48

Property CountyCase NumberProperty AddressSale ScheduledSale TimeSale Bid AmountBid Special Instructions
Property CountyCase #Property AddressSale ScheduledSale TimeSale Bid AmountBid Special Instructions
Anderson13-050672875 Briceville Highway, Lake City, Tennessee 3776905/06/1412:00 PM
Anderson13-054978189 LaSalle Road, Oak Ridge, Tennessee 3783005/20/1412:00 PM
Anderson14-057081604 High Avenue, Lake City, Tennessee 3776904/29/1412:00 PM$21,890.071.00 over opening bid
Anderson12-044900107 Oak Circle, Clinton, Tennessee 3771605/27/1412:00 PM
Anderson13-053940116 Wakeman Lane, Oak Ridge, Tennessee 3783005/15/1412:00 PM
Anderson13-054366127 East Arrowwood Road, Oak Ridge, Tennessee 3783006/19/1412:00 PM
Bedford14-056958306 Stardust Drive, Shelbyville, Tennessee 3716005/01/1412:00 PM
Bedford14-0555571910 Highway 64 West, Shelbyville, Tennessee 3716005/15/1410:00 AM
Bedford13-055182322 Chestnut Drive, Shelbyville, Tennessee 3716005/27/1410:00 AM
Benton12-041007311 Harris Street, Camden, Tennessee 3832005/27/1410:00 AM
Benton10-005861115 Maple Avenue, Camden, Tennessee 3832005/13/1410:00 AM
Benton13-0550843747 Highway 641 North, Camden, Tennessee 3832005/15/1412:00 PM
Blount14-0573583531 Summer Drive, Friendsville, Tennessee 3773705/15/1412:00 PM
Blount14-057346313 Incline Lane, Maryville, Tennessee 3780405/06/1412:00 PM
Blount14-0574113511 Mint Road, Maryville, Tennessee 3780305/22/1412:00 PM
Blount12-0363963309 Vicuna Street, Maryville, Tennessee 3780105/27/1412:00 PM
Blount13-0552616430 Chapel Meadows Way, Maryville, Tennessee 3780105/29/1412:00 PM
Blount13-0544991478 Sheets Hollow Road, Greenback, Tennessee 3774205/08/1412:00 PM
Blount14-0562191113 Melvin Avenue, Maryville, Tennessee 3780304/24/1412:00 PMSALE ADJ FROM 4/24/14 TO 5/29/14 AT 12:00 PM
Blount13-0544564247 Gamble Lane, Walland, Tennessee 3788605/06/1412:00 PMSALE ADJ FROM 5/6/14 TO 5/27/14 @ 12 PM
Blount13-051480917 Radnor Road, Maryville, Tennessee 3780404/24/1412:00 PM$112,615.881.00 over opening bid
Blount13-052695915 Laurie Street, Maryville, Tennessee 3780305/01/1412:00 PM
Blount14-0560262031 Redbud Valley Drive, Maryville, Tennessee 3780105/08/1412:00 PM
Bradley13-0511853552 Ramblewood Circle Northwest, Cleveland, Tennessee 3731205/20/1412:00 PM
Bradley13-047650694 Knob Hill Northwest, Cleveland, Tennessee 3731205/01/1412:00 PMSALE ADJ FROM 5/1/14 TO 6/19/14 @10AM
Bradley12-040246155 Ham Drive Northeast, Cleveland, Tennessee 3732304/24/1412:00 PM$130,602.64131904.67
Bradley14-0566742121 Trewhitt Road Southeast, Cleveland, Tennessee 3732305/20/1412:00 PM
Bradley14-056192636 Kinser Road Southeast, Cleveland, Tennessee 3732305/22/1412:00 PM
Bradley13-0537583775 Forest Lane SE, Cleveland, Tennessee 3732305/27/1412:00 PM
Bradley13-0543633755 Forest Lane Southeast, Cleveland, Tennessee 3732305/20/1412:00 AM
Bradley13-0548282140 Dalton Pike, Cleveland, Tennessee 3731105/13/1412:00 PM
Bradley13-048024239 Christian Drive, Cleveland, Tennessee 3731205/15/1412:00 PM
Bradley12-034399121 Hunters Run Trail Northwest, Cleveland, Tennessee 3731206/17/1412:00 PM
Bradley12-0323485510 Frontage Road Northwest, Cleveland, Tennessee 3731205/15/1412:00 PM
Bradley14-057522232 Chetola Drive Northeast, Cleveland, Tennessee 3732305/22/1412:00 PM
Bradley14-057280333 Fern Drive Southeast, Cleveland, Tennessee 3732305/22/1412:00 PM
Campbell12-030586223 Hillside Drive, La Follette, Tennessee 3776606/17/1412:00 PM
Campbell13-054314126 Gladefield Drive, La Follette, Tennessee 3776605/08/1412:00 PM
Campbell11-024388279 Sandy Circle, La Follette, Tennessee 3776605/29/1412:00 PM
Cannon12-0432704691 Bradyville Road, Readyville, Tennessee 3714905/13/1410:00 AM
Cannon13-054795191 Choctaw Drive, Bradyville, Tennessee 3702605/13/1410:00 AM
Carroll13-0531399830 Old Stage Road, Huntingdon, Tennessee 3834405/06/1410:00 AM
Carroll14-055926205 Mallard Lane, Clarksburg, Tennessee 3832404/24/1412:00 PM$45,050.001.00 over opening bid
Cheatham14-056876118 Suesand Court, Pleasant View, Tennessee 3714605/20/1410:00 AM
Cheatham08-010112103 Butler Hollow Road, Ashland City, Tennessee 3701504/24/1412:00 PM$54,564.091.00 over opening bid
Cheatham14-0556951006 Blackburn Court, Kingston Springs, Tennessee 3708205/15/1412:00 PM
Cheatham14-0556761015 Floy Lane, Ashland City, Tennessee 3701505/22/1410:00 AMSALE ADJ FROM 5/22/14 TO 7/10/14 @10AM
Cheatham10-0125642121 Highway 12 South Unit 50, Ashland City, Tennessee 3701505/20/1410:00 AM
Cheatham13-046882739 Scoutview Road, Ashland City, Tennessee 3701505/20/1410:00 AM
Chester13-0541223935 Street Route 100, Henderson, Tennessee 3834005/22/1412:00 PM
Chester14-0577974345 Old Jacks Creek Road, Henderson, Tennessee 3834005/20/1410:00 AMSALE ADJ FROM 5/20/14 TO 8/5/14 @ 10 AM
Chester14-0569446125 Silerton Road, Henderson, Tennessee 3834005/15/1412:00 PM
Claiborne14-0557584400 Old Highway 63, Speedwell, Tennessee 3787004/24/1412:00 PM$40,233.371.00 over opening bid
Claiborne14-056154186 Leabow Circle, Tazewell, Tennessee 3787905/15/1410:00 AM
Cocke12-038536547 Blueberry Way, Newport, Tennessee 3782106/03/1412:00 PM
Cocke13-053986331 Cambridge Drive, Newport, Tennessee 3782105/08/1412:00 PM
Cocke13-0543291224 Applewood Way, Newport, Tennessee 3782105/01/1412:00 PM
Coffee14-056982113 Virginia Drive, Tullahoma, Tennessee 3738804/29/1412:00 PM$116,886.06120348.75
Coffee14-056992505 Bragg Circle, Tullahoma, Tennessee 3738805/06/1412:00 PM
Coffee14-0570551394 Harpo Road, Manchester, Tennessee 3735505/27/1412:00 PM
Coffee12-04200551 North D Street, Hillsboro, Tennessee 3734206/17/1410:00 AM
Coffee13-048647286 C. Anderson Road, Manchester, Tennessee 3735505/29/1410:00 AM
Cumberland14-0563861747 Hyder Loop, Crossville, Tennessee 3857105/29/1410:00 AM
Cumberland13-0544461020 Sparta Drive, Crossville, Tennessee 3855505/06/1412:00 PM
Davidson14-0572132107 Lindell Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee 3720405/27/1410:00 AM
Davidson14-057714413 Stone Chimney Court, Nashville, Tennessee 3721405/27/1410:00 AM
Davidson14-056378221 Duling Avenue, Madison, Tennessee 3711505/27/1410:00 AM
Davidson14-0557601815 15th Avenue North, Nashville, Tennessee 3720805/15/1410:00 AM
Davidson14-055555335 Bonnavue Drive, Hermitage, Tennessee 3707605/01/1410:00 AM
Davidson14-0560173233 Forest Breeze Drive, Antioch, Tennessee 3701305/08/1410:00 AM
Davidson14-0560191228 Kermit Drive, Nashville, Tennessee 3721705/08/1410:00 AM
Davidson14-0560771212 Ainlay Drive, Nashville, Tennessee 3721705/08/1410:00 AM
Davidson14-055789940 Chickasaw Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee 3720705/29/1410:00 AM
Davidson13-0531884104 Tea Garden Way, Antioch, Tennessee 3701305/08/1410:00 AM
Davidson13-051595601 Old Hickory Boulevard Unit 114, Brentwood, Tennessee 3702705/01/1410:00 AM
Davidson13-052177214 Duling Avenue, Madison, Tennessee 3711505/08/1410:00 AM
Davidson13-053850226 Macfie Drive, Madison, Tennessee 3711505/20/1410:00 AM
Davidson13-055163113 Windwood Circle, Nashville, Tennessee 3721405/01/1410:00 AM
Davidson13-0551791007 Patio Drive, Nashville, Tennessee 3721405/29/1410:00 AM
Davidson08-0071632909 Delta Queen Drive, Nashville, Tennessee 3721405/06/1410:00 AM
Davidson08-0019036204 Rocky Top Drive, Antioch, Tennessee 3701305/08/1410:00 AM
Davidson09-0238664405 Providence Heights, Nashville, Tennessee 3721105/08/1410:00 AM
Davidson12-0362353945 Rock Creek Drive, Antioch, Tennessee 3701305/22/1410:00 AM
Davidson12-035138909 South 14th Street, Nashville, Tennessee 3720605/22/1410:00 AM
Davidson12-0367744802 Citrus Drive, Nashville, Tennessee 3721105/01/1410:00 AM
Davidson13-0481712659 Woodberry Drive, Nashville, Tennessee 3721405/08/1410:00 AM
Davidson13-0499642118 Deerborne Drive, Nashville, Tennessee 3721405/22/1410:00 AM
Davidson13-0499881006 Spain Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee 3721605/15/1410:00 AM
Davidson13-046947300 Hickory Street, Madison, Tennessee 3711505/20/1410:00 AMSALE ADJ FROM 4/29/14 TO 5/20/14 @ 10 AM
Davidson13-0469884191 Bob White Drive, Nashville, Tennessee 3721805/27/1410:00 AM
Davidson14-056819535 Elgin Street, Nashville, Tennessee 3721105/22/1410:00 AM
Davidson14-057170125 Elizabeths Court, Antioch, Tennessee 3701305/29/1410:00 AM
Davidson14-0571991400 Fatherland Street, Nashville, Tennessee 3720604/29/1410:00 AM$59,999.3861759.39
Davidson14-0562311344 Bellshire Terrace Drive, Nashville, Tennessee 3720705/06/1410:00 AM
Davidson14-056469301 Melpar Drive, Nashville, Tennessee 3721105/06/1410:00 AM
Davidson14-056533109 Lane Wood Court, Nashville, Tennessee 3721105/08/1410:00 AM
Davidson14-0566013428 Old Anderson Road, Antioch, Tennessee 3701306/19/1410:00 AM
Davidson14-0566972826 Colonial Circle, Nashville, Tennessee 3721405/15/1410:00 AM
Davidson14-0559401002 Remington Park Road, Hermitage, Tennessee 3707605/22/1410:00 AM
Davidson14-0558753112 Country Way Road, Antioch, Tennessee 3701305/22/1410:00 AM
Davidson14-0558785192 Singing Hills Drive, Antioch, Tennessee 3701305/15/1410:00 AM
Davidson13-0541515001 Chadfield Way, Antioch, Tennessee 3701305/29/1410:00 AM
Davidson13-054180208 Dellrose Drive, Nashville, Tennessee 3721405/22/1410:00 AM
Davidson13-053748732 Florence Circle, Madison, Tennessee 3711505/15/1410:00 AM
Davidson13-054658319 South 15th Street, Nashville, Tennessee 3720605/15/1410:00 AM
Davidson13-0548564800 Block of Lickton Pike, Nashville, Tennessee 3718905/20/1410:00 AM
Davidson13-0550434463 Chandler Road, Hermitage, Tennessee 3707604/29/1410:00 AM$276,468.26284714.97
Davidson13-0552592110 Carter Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee 3720604/24/1410:00 AM$56,215.471.00 over opening bid
Davidson13-0553823543 Seneca Forest Drive, Nashville, Tennessee 3721704/24/1410:00 AMSALE ADJ FROM 4/14/14 TO 5/22/14 @10AM
Davidson11-0234953128 Roundwood Forest Lane, Nashville, Tennessee 3701305/20/1410:00 AM
Davidson14-0561875172 Hilson Road, Nashville, Tennessee 3721105/22/1410:00 AM
Davidson10-0016582009 12th Avenue North, Nashville, Tennessee 3720804/29/1410:00 AM$17,010.001.00 over opening bid
Davidson14-056938771 Madison Boulevard, Madison, Tennessee 3711504/24/1410:00 AM$49,500.00$1 over opening bid
Davidson14-0574075756 Mount View Road, Antioch, Tennessee 3701305/15/1410:00 AM
Davidson13-0459635032 Bonnameade Drive, Hermitage, Tennessee 3707605/15/1410:00 AM
Davidson13-0459905658 Amalie Drive, Nashville, Tennessee 3721105/13/1410:00 AM
Davidson13-0498771529 Market Square, Hermitage, Tennessee 3707605/13/1410:00 AM
Dekalb13-053945535 Savannah Drive, Smithville, Tennessee 3716605/06/1410:00 AMSALE ADJ FROM 5/6/14 TO 6/10/14 @ 10 AM
Dekalb14-056366991 Four Seasons Road, Smithville, Tennessee 3716606/03/1412:00 PM
Dickson14-0567881400 Greenwood Road, Charlotte, Tennessee 3703605/13/1412:00 PM
Dickson14-0558191022 White Bluff Road, White Bluff, Tennessee 3718705/29/1410:00 AM
Dickson10-0004161106 Highway 48 South, Dickson, Tennessee 3705505/15/1410:00 AM
Dickson06-3456139 Red Bud Drive, Dickson, Tennessee 3705505/29/1410:00 AM
Dickson14-056543111 West Quail Hollow Way, Dickson, Tennessee 3705504/29/1410:00 AM$99,840.001.00 over opening bid
Dickson13-054376607 Jones Creek Road, Dickson, Tennessee 3705505/29/1410:00 AM
Dickson13-0550615727 Highway 48 North, Cumberland Furnace, Tennessee 3705105/01/1412:00 PMSALE ADJ FROM 5/1/14 TO 7/10/14 @12PM
Dickson13-055019109 Mae Circle, Dickson, Tennessee 3705505/06/1410:00 AM
Dickson13-054679119 Marty Lane, White Bluff, Tennessee 3718705/20/1412:00 PM
Dickson14-056828529 Lauren Park Drive, Burns, Tennessee 3702905/20/1412:00 PM
Dickson09-023197108 Lockhart Street, Dickson, Tennessee 3705505/29/1410:00 AM
Dyer13-05445759 Mulberry Street, Trimble, Tennessee 3825905/20/1410:00 AM
Fayette14-05649930 Pine Ridge Lane, Oakland, Tennessee 3806004/24/1410:00 AM$91,710.001.00 over opening bid
Fayette07-1236417920 Highway 196, Eads, Tennessee 3802804/29/1410:00 AM$277,520.001.00 over opening bid
Fayette13-04916085 Brighton Court, Eads, Tennessee 3800205/01/1410:00 AM
Fayette14-05739410 Oakshire Cove, Oakland, Tennessee 3806005/06/1410:00 AM
Franklin14-056686504 Flower Lane Drive, Estill Springs, Tennessee 3733005/29/1410:00 AM
Franklin13-054464230 Tennessee Avenue, Sewanee, Tennessee 3737505/15/1410:00 AM
Franklin14-057156102 Hickory Hollow Road, Tullahoma, Tennessee 3738806/19/1412:00 PM
Gibson14-0574434092 Bringle Street, Milan, Tennessee 3835805/13/1410:00 AM
Gibson14-056088113 Main Street, Gibson, Tennessee 3833805/29/1410:00 AM
Gibson14-056811450 Old Dyersburg Road, Dyer, Tennessee 3833005/06/1410:00 AM
Giles13-047748202 South 7th Street, Pulaski, Tennessee 3847805/27/1410:00 AM
Greene13-054288200 Sunset Boulevard, Greeneville, Tennessee 3774305/06/1412:00 PM
Greene14-055907350 Brian Circle, Afton, Tennessee 3761605/22/1412:00 PM
Greene13-049847409 Banks Street, Greeneville, Tennessee 3774305/08/1412:00 PM
Greene13-048267220 Unaka Street, Greeneville, Tennessee 3774305/22/1412:00 PM
Grundy14-056558424 Nickajack Trail, Monteagle, Tennessee 3735604/29/1410:00 AM
Hamblen13-053696221 Highland Drive, Morristown, Tennessee 3781305/13/1412:00 PM
Hamblen13-0451895730 Charlene Drive, Russellville, Tennessee 3786006/17/1412:00 PM
Hamblen13-052257361 Ravenwood Drive, Morristown, Tennessee 3781405/20/1412:00 PM
Hamilton14-0569856854 Sam Smith Road, Birchwood, Tennessee 3730804/24/1410:00 AMADJ SALE FROM 4/24/14 TO 7/3/14 @10AM
Hamilton14-0574061602 Oaken Trail, Chattanooga, Tennessee 3742105/22/1412:00 PM
Hamilton07-114121302 Dodson Avenue, Chattanooga, Tennessee 3740605/08/1412:00 PM
Hamilton06-47933918 Yorktown Road, Chattanooga, Tennessee 3741605/08/1412:00 PM
Hamilton12-030128112 Passons Road, Red Bank, Tennessee 3741505/27/1412:00 PM
Hamilton13-047456548 North Crest Court, Chattanooga, Tennessee 3740404/24/1410:00 AM$136,454.341.00 over opening bid
Hamilton10-0052769263 Belleau Ridge Road, Ooltewah, Tennessee 3736305/27/1412:00 PM
Hamilton09-022871312 Williams Drive, Chattanooga, Tennessee 3742105/15/1412:00 PM
Hamilton05-2674201 South Moss Avenue, Chattanooga, Tennessee 3741906/05/1412:00 PM$0.00
Hamilton10-0119931700 Bradt Street, Chattanooga, Tennessee 3740605/27/1412:00 PM
Hamilton12-0395044614 Old Mission Road, Chattanooga, Tennessee 3741106/10/1412:00 PM
Hamilton14-0557391962 Warwickshire Drive, Soddy Daisy, Tennessee 3737905/29/1412:00 PM
Hamilton13-05552114600 Stormer Road, Sale Creek, Tennessee 3737304/24/1412:00 PM$36,720.001.00 over opening bid
Hamilton12-0352028 Northrop Street, Lupton City, Tennessee 3735105/13/1412:00 PM
Hamilton11-0258416011 Parsons Pond Road, Ooltewah, Tennessee 3736305/29/1412:00 PM
Hamilton13-0502978761 Dayflower Drive, Ooltewah, Tennessee 3736306/05/1412:00 PM
Hamilton13-0530051118 Pierce Avenue, Chattanooga, Tennessee 3740704/24/1410:00 AM$22,950.001.00 over opening bid
Hamilton14-0557168381 Lady Slipper Road, Chattanooga, Tennessee 3742105/06/1412:00 PM
Hamilton14-0559333615 Altamira Drive, Chattanooga, Tennessee 3741205/29/1412:00 PM
Hamilton14-0560062340 Mark Lane, Chattanooga, Tennessee 3742105/08/1412:00 PM
Hamilton14-0561204404 Shelborne Drive, Chattanooga, Tennessee 3741605/15/1412:00 PM
Hamilton14-0560799805 Homewood Circle, Ooltewah, Tennessee 3736305/01/1412:00 PM
Hamilton14-0558029465 Lazy Circles Drive, Ooltewah, Tennessee 3736305/22/1412:00 PM
Hamilton14-0557694432 Comet Trail, Hixson, Tennessee 3734305/20/1412:00 PM
Hamilton14-0564021004 McHann Drive, East Ridge, Tennessee 3741205/20/1412:00 PM
Hamilton14-0564111014 Brynewood Terrace, Chattanooga, Tennessee 3741505/15/1412:00 PM
Hamilton14-0563472512 Tunnel Boulevard, Chattanooga, Tennessee 3740605/15/1412:00 PM
Hamilton14-0562272719 14th Avenue, Chattanooga, Tennessee 3740705/08/1412:00 PM
Hamilton14-0566877093 Ely Ford Place, Hixson, Tennessee 3734305/29/1412:00 PM
Hardeman08-0004991395 Forrest Hill, Bolivar, Tennessee 3800805/29/1410:00 AM
Hardeman14-05601280 Nails Road, Bolivar, Tennessee 3800805/08/1412:00 PM
Hardeman13-051181240 Nails Road, Bolivar, Tennessee 3800805/01/1410:00 AM
Hardin13-054240155 Meadowlane Drive, Savannah, Tennessee 3837205/20/1412:00 PM
Hardin13-049416470 Murray Lane, Pickwick Dam, Tennessee 3836505/08/1412:00 PM
Hardin13-055490315 Hinkle Road South, Sardis, Tennessee 3837105/01/1410:00 AM
Hawkins13-046291732 Carters Valley Road, Rogersville, Tennessee 3785705/15/1412:00 PM
Hawkins13-048086123 Coran Road, Rogersville, Tennessee 3785705/29/1412:00 PM
Hawkins12-031658224 Spruce Street 224 Spruce Drive, Church Hill, Tennessee 3764206/17/1412:00 PM
Haywood13-054426132 Albright Road, Stanton, Tennessee 3806905/20/1410:00 AM
Haywood14-0566311121 North Park Avenue, Brownsville, Tennessee 3801206/05/1410:00 AM
Henderson14-056646571 Praline Place, Lexington, Tennessee 3835105/22/1412:00 PM
Henderson13-0553321100 Reynolds Road, Lexington, Tennessee 3835105/08/1412:00 PM
Henderson14-056106700 Piney Creek Road, Lexington, Tennessee 3835105/29/1410:00 AM
Henderson13-0536505 Anderson Park Lane, Lexington, Tennessee 3835106/10/1410:00 AM
Henry13-051940304 Jerome Drive, Paris, Tennessee 3824205/13/1410:00 AM
Hickman14-0556465150 Sleepy Hollow Road, Centerville, Tennessee 3703305/08/1410:00 AM
Hickman13-0503356424 Highway 100, Bon Aqua, Tennessee 3702504/29/1410:00 AM$96,531.751.00 over opening bid
Hickman14-05691710119 Oak Drive, Bon Aqua, Tennessee 3702505/27/1410:00 AM
Hickman13-05168110015 Wendy Way, Lyles, Tennessee 3709804/24/142:00 PM$0.00SALE ADJ FROM 4/24/14 TO 5/29/14 @2PM
Humphreys14-05671993 Valley Road, McEwen, Tennessee 3710105/20/1410:00 AM
Humphreys14-056039775 Spann Loop, Hurricane Mills, Tennessee 3707805/15/1412:00 PM
Jackson14-057366584 Martins Creek Highway, Granville, Tennessee 3856405/13/1412:00 PMSALE ADJ FROM 5/13/14 TO 7/15/14 @ 12 PM
Jackson09-018964511 Allen Drive, Cookeville, Tennessee 3850105/08/1412:00 PM
Jefferson13-0546703150 Blue Springs Road, Strawberry Plains, Tennessee 3787105/20/1412:00 PM
Jefferson13-0551081168 Country Club Road, Dandridge, Tennessee 3772504/24/1412:00 PM$192,100.001.00 over opening bid
Jefferson13-053354546 Old Dandridge Pike, Strawberry Plains, Tennessee 3787105/15/1412:00 PM
Jefferson14-056565177 Hamilton Street, Strawberry Plains, Tennessee 3787105/13/1412:00 PM
Jefferson14-0561711556 Trig Long Road, Dandridge, Tennessee 3772504/29/1412:00 PM$62,400.001.00 over opening bid
Jefferson14-056395645 Ross Drive, Dandridge, Tennessee 3772505/06/1412:00 PM
Jefferson12-0373392534 McClanahan Road, Morristown, Tennessee 3781304/24/1412:00 PM$41,023.041.00 over opening bid
Knox14-0557036400 Chevas Circle, Knoxville, Tennessee 3791805/06/1412:00 PM
Knox14-0563286834 Tazewell Pike, Knoxville, Tennessee 3791805/15/1410:00 AM
Knox13-0550211101 Greywood Drive, Knoxville, Tennessee 3792305/13/1412:00 PM
Knox13-0521143101 Chantilly Drive, Knoxville, Tennessee 3791704/24/1412:00 PM$0.00SALE ADJ FROM 4/24/14 TO 5/29/14 @12PM
Knox13-0534082057 Thorngrove Pike, Knoxville, Tennessee 3791406/03/1412:00 PM
Knox13-0531277409 Asheville Highway, Knoxville, Tennessee 3791406/03/1412:00 PM
Knox13-0535041216 Beaman Lake Road, Knoxville, Tennessee 3791405/22/1412:00 PM
Knox13-0514881001 Ambleside Court, Knoxville, Tennessee 3792206/05/1412:00 PM
Knox12-0431332823 Ashridge Road, Knoxville, Tennessee 3793106/05/1412:00 PM
Knox12-0414783334 Hunt Crest Road, Knoxville, Tennessee 3793104/29/1412:00 PMSALE ADJ FROM 4/29/14 TO 5/27/14 @ 12 PM
Knox12-033785904 Harbour Shore Drive, Knoxville, Tennessee 3792205/27/1412:00 PM
Knox12-0374141818 Wilson Road, Knoxville, Tennessee 3791204/24/1412:00 PM$36,000.001.00 over opening bid
Knox13-05294110200 Arnold Lane, Mascot, Tennessee 3780605/13/1412:00 PM
Knox13-0455324207 Larigo Drive, Knoxville, Tennessee 3791405/22/1412:00 PM
Knox13-05553010405 Bentbrook Way, Knoxville, Tennessee 3793205/22/1412:00 PM
Knox14-05725010620 Riverlake Drive, Knoxville, Tennessee 3792205/22/1412:00 PM
Knox13-0469157325 Charlotte Drive, Knoxville, Tennessee 3792406/10/1412:00 PM
Knox13-0499341715 Cunningham Road, Knoxville, Tennessee 3791805/27/1412:00 PM
Knox13-0511311413 Moorgate Drive, Knoxville, Tennessee 3792205/01/1412:00 PM
Knox13-049112325 Forest Oak Drive, Knoxville, Tennessee 3791906/19/1412:00 PM
Knox12-0424102741 Whittle Springs Road, Knoxville, Tennessee 3791705/15/1410:00 AM
Knox12-0320631125 Laurel Hill Road, Knoxville, Tennessee 3792305/29/1412:00 PM$0.00
Knox09-0198322633 Shropshire Boulevard, Powell, Tennessee 3784906/17/1412:00 PM$0.00
Knox10-0001307323 Lorimar Place, Knoxville, Tennessee 3791906/05/1412:00 PM
Knox14-0558072110 North Park Boulevard, Knoxville, Tennessee 3791705/08/1412:00 PM
Knox14-0558399333 Collingwood Road, Knoxville, Tennessee 3792205/15/1410:00 AM
Knox14-0557594521 Simona Road, Knoxville, Tennessee 3791805/29/1412:00 PM
Knox14-0563326704 East Emory Road, Knoxville, Tennessee 3793805/29/1412:00 PM
Knox14-056529640 Blue Herron Road, Knoxville, Tennessee 3792205/22/1412:00 PM
Knox13-0534803323 Cliffbranch Lane, Knoxville, Tennessee 3793105/01/1412:00 PM
Knox13-0544753720 Spruce Ridge Way 2201, Knoxville, Tennessee 3792004/29/1412:00 PM$187,601.78193214.88
Knox13-0538488541 Bud Hawkins Road, Corryton, Tennessee 3772104/24/1412:00 PM$0.00SALE ADJ FROM 4/24/14 TO 5/29/14 @12PM
Knox14-0574781408 Bluebird Drive, Knoxville, Tennessee 3791805/27/1412:00 PM
Knox14-0574798312 Heiskell Road, Powell, Tennessee 3784905/20/1412:00 PM
Knox14-057221737 Schenley Road, Knoxville, Tennessee 3792305/22/1412:00 PM
Knox14-057197336 Sarvis Drive, Knoxville, Tennessee 3792005/29/1410:00 AMSALE ADJ FROM 5/29/14 TO 9/4/14 @10AM
Lawrence12-0428412096 Harlan Drive, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee 3846404/29/1410:00 AM
Lawrence10-0104471014 Pine Circle, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee 3846405/01/1412:00 PM
Lawrence12-04358743 Railroad Bed Road, Iron City, Tennessee 3846305/06/1410:00 AM
Lawrence13-051492325 Lone Star Road, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee 3846405/01/1412:00 PMSALE ADJ FROM 5/1/14 TO 6/5/14 @12PM
Lawrence13-0537737095 Waynesboro Highway, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee 3846405/15/1410:00 AM
Lewis14-057100181 Jennie Smith Road, Hohenwald, Tennessee 3846205/06/1410:00 AM
Lewis14-056971131 Zimmerman Street, Hohenwald, Tennessee 3846205/01/1410:00 AMSALE ADJ FROM 5/1/14 TO 6/5/14 @10AM
Lewis08-007215106 Osco Drive, Hohenwald, Tennessee 3846205/15/1410:00 AM
Lincoln13-0552136 Oak Point Drive, Fayetteville, Tennessee 3733405/01/1412:00 PM
Lincoln12-04010652 Slaughter Pen Road, Ardmore, Tennessee 3844905/01/1412:00 PM
Lincoln14-0560417 Boone Drive, Fayetteville, Tennessee 3733404/24/1412:00 PM
Loudon14-056936128 Lee Drive, Lenoir City, Tennessee 3777105/29/1412:00 PM
Loudon13-054981252 Jessie Lane, Lenoir City, Tennessee 3777205/06/1412:00 PM
Macon11-026516335 Rodgers Lane, Lafayette, Tennessee 3708305/20/1410:00 AM
Madison14-057108682 Horton Road, Jackson, Tennessee 3830105/20/1410:00 AM
Madison14-056802169 Cambridge Drive, Jackson, Tennessee 3830505/22/1410:00 AM
Madison13-05401634 Turtle Creek Drive, Jackson, Tennessee 3830506/12/1410:00 AM
Madison14-05647423 Jamestown Drive, Jackson, Tennessee 3830505/06/1410:00 AM
Madison14-05642848 Bree Cove, Jackson, Tennessee 3830505/08/1410:00 AM
Madison11-02796731 Glenwood Drive, Jackson, Tennessee 3830505/29/1410:00 AM
Madison12-037269789 Browns Church Road, Jackson, Tennessee 3830504/24/1412:00 PM$132,600.021.00 over opening bid
Madison12-035004161 Highway 152, Medina, Tennessee 3835504/24/1412:00 PM$0.00SALE ADJ FROM 4/24/14 TO 7/17/14 @12PM
Madison14-0556237 Kay Drive, Jackson, Tennessee 3830505/27/1410:00 AM
Marion14-057322219 Morrison Spring Road, Whitwell, Tennessee 3739705/27/1412:00 PM
Marion14-056220428 Mount Olive Road, Whitwell, Tennessee 3739704/29/1412:00 PM$27,087.7227826.05
Marion07-22098155 Brendalene Drive, Jasper, Tennessee 3734705/20/1410:00 AM
Marshall13-0528364142 Lunns Store Road, Lewisburg, Tennessee 3709105/27/1412:00 PM
Marshall13-0551363161 Ownby Road, Lewisburg, Tennessee 3709104/29/1410:00 AM$0.00SALE ADJ FROM 4/29/14 TO 6/3/14 @ 10 AM
Marshall11-0293433966 River Glen Drive, Lewisburg, Tennessee 3709105/27/1412:00 PM
Marshall13-0524323480 Watkins Road, Petersburg, Tennessee 3714405/20/1412:00 PM
Maury13-0529074481 Biffle Lane, Hampshire, Tennessee 3846105/13/1410:00 AM
Maury13-055349606B East 10th Street, Columbia, Tennessee 3840105/29/1412:00 PM
Maury14-0569242077 Powell Drive, Culleoka, Tennessee 3845104/29/1410:00 AM$101,150.001.00 over opening bid
Maury13-0498141011 Queens Place, Spring Hill, Tennessee 3717405/08/1412:00 PM
Maury11-0145941018 Somerset Springs Drive, Spring Hill, Tennessee 3717405/22/1410:00 AM
Maury13-0551224611 McClanahan Road, Hampshire, Tennessee 3846105/06/1412:00 PM
Maury13-0522405811 Fly Hollow Road, Santa Fe, Tennessee 3848205/01/1412:00 PM
Maury14-056186218 North Bigby, Columbia, Tennessee 3840105/06/1412:00 PM
Maury14-0564781406 Manor Road, Columbia, Tennessee 3840105/22/1412:00 PM
McMinn14-0563571510 Nova Street, Athens, Tennessee 3730305/01/1412:00 PM
McMinn14-056124526 Brewer Street, Athens, Tennessee 3730305/15/1412:00 PM
McMinn14-055753106 Country Road 894, Etowah, Tennessee 3733105/29/1410:00 AM
McMinn13-055119218 County Road 738, Riceville, Tennessee 3737005/01/1412:00 PM
McMinn09-0234921306 Pennsylvania Avenue, Etowah, Tennessee 3733104/24/1412:00 PM$66,091.311.00 over opening bid
McMinn13-049884102 Fox Ridge Drive, Athens, Tennessee 3730305/15/1412:00 PM
McMinn13-050486191 County Road 460, Englewood, Tennessee 3732904/29/1412:00 PMSALE ADJ FROM 4/29/14 TO 6/3/14 @ 12 PM
McMinn13-055026724 Cedar Springs Road, Athens, Tennessee 3730304/24/1412:00 PM$85,800.001.00 over opening bid
McMinn14-0573301724 Old Niota Road, Athens, Tennessee 3730306/10/1412:00 PM
McNairy10-007314220 Beaverwood Drive, Adamsville, Tennessee 3831005/27/1410:00 AM
McNairy13-047480947 Sticine Road, Guys, Tennessee 3833905/29/1412:00 PM
McNairy14-055985139 Johnson Street, Bethel Springs, Tennessee 3831505/01/1410:00 AM
Meigs14-0557861501 Reed Road, Ten Mile, Tennessee 3788004/29/1412:00 PMSALE ADJ FROM 4/29/14 TO 6/10/14 @ 12 PM
Monroe14-056040121 Green Trailer Park Road, Philadelphia, Tennessee 3784605/15/1410:00 AM
Monroe12-038136703 Hawkins Road, Sweetwater, Tennessee 3787406/12/1410:00 AM
Monroe13-045747130 Tallent Lane, Vonore, Tennessee 3788506/03/1412:00 PM
Monroe13-051654261 Watson Trace Road, Madisonville, Tennessee 3735406/17/1412:00 PM
Montgomery13-04856979 West Drive, Clarksville, Tennessee 3704005/06/1410:00 AM
Montgomery13-0467751274 Barbee Lane, Clarksville, Tennessee 3704205/06/1410:00 AM
Montgomery09-0148373800 Old Highway 48, Clarksville, Tennessee 3704005/06/1410:00 AM
Montgomery14-0565831506 Tylertown Road, Clarksville, Tennessee 3704005/15/1412:00 PM
Montgomery14-0559421728 Clara Court, Clarksville, Tennessee 3704005/22/1412:00 PM
Montgomery14-0567671984 Timberline Way, Clarksville, Tennessee 3704205/27/1410:00 AM
Montgomery13-055140253 Audrea Lane, Clarksville, Tennessee 3704205/15/1412:00 PM
Montgomery13-0548471243 Cobblestone Lane, Clarksville, Tennessee 3704205/06/1410:00 AM
Montgomery13-054742548 Donna Drive, Clarksville, Tennessee 3704205/01/1410:00 AM
Montgomery13-0553481376 William Suiters Lane, Clarksville, Tennessee 3704204/24/1410:00 AM$96,106.501.00 over opening bid
Montgomery13-055285113 Azalea Court, Clarksville, Tennessee 3704205/01/1410:00 AM
Montgomery13-0552521010 Summerhaven Road, Clarksville, Tennessee 3704205/01/1410:00 AM
Montgomery13-055377216 Kings Deer Drive, Clarksville, Tennessee 3704205/20/1410:00 AM
Montgomery14-0555401449 Addison Drive, Clarksville, Tennessee 3704204/24/1412:00 PM$143,309.251.00 over opening bid
Montgomery14-0555722241 Robin Drive, Clarksville, Tennessee 3704205/20/1410:00 AM
Montgomery14-0555791232 Archwood Drive, Clarksville, Tennessee 3704205/27/1410:00 AM
Montgomery13-054304107 Ogles Drive, Clarksville, Tennessee 3704205/08/1412:00 PM
Montgomery13-0539043401 Minor Drive, Clarksville, Tennessee 3704205/20/1410:00 AM
Montgomery09-019887260 Audrea Lane, Clarksville, Tennessee 3704205/29/1410:00 AM
Montgomery12-0351353240 Scott Road, Clarksville, Tennessee 3704305/08/1412:00 PM
Montgomery12-032750607 Corinth Court, Clarksville, Tennessee 3704005/22/1412:00 PM
Montgomery13-048224210 Clearview Drive, Clarksville, Tennessee 3704304/24/1412:00 PM$56,950.001.00 over opening bid
Montgomery13-052934805 Mallard Court, Clarksville, Tennessee 3704205/13/1410:00 AM
Montgomery13-052266414 Cranklen Circle, Clarksville, Tennessee 3704206/10/1410:00 AM
Montgomery14-056798433 Kelsey Drive, Clarksville, Tennessee 3704205/08/1410:00 AM
Montgomery14-057716975 Granny White Road, Clarksville, Tennessee 3704006/03/1410:00 AM
Montgomery14-057697349 Randell Drive, Clarksville, Tennessee 3704205/27/1410:00 AM
Montgomery14-057047294 Northwood Terrace, Clarksville, Tennessee 3704205/06/1410:00 AMSALE ADJ FROM 5/6/14 TO 7/8/14 @ 10 AM
Montgomery14-0572573406 Laurelwood Trail, Clarksville, Tennessee 3704305/06/1410:00 AM
Montgomery14-057211629 Doane Drive, Clarksville, Tennessee 3704205/06/1410:00 AM
Moore14-055617108 Jacey Lane, Lynchburg, Tennessee 3735204/24/1412:00 PM$64,175.001.00 over opening bid
Morgan13-054306109 Paxton Road, Lancing, Tennessee 3777005/15/1412:00 PM
Morgan12-0410466141 Morgan County Highway, Lancing, Tennessee 3777005/13/1412:00 PM
Morgan10-009989274 Twin Bridge Road, Deer Lodge, Tennessee 3772605/29/1412:00 PM
Obion14-0570481102 Mercer Street, Union City, Tennessee 3826105/29/1410:00 AM
Obion13-055426505 South Fraizer Street, Troy, Tennessee 3826006/05/1412:00 PM
Obion14-0557841395 River Road, Union City, Tennessee 3826105/29/1410:00 AM
Obion13-054542222 Hayes Street, Union City, Tennessee 3826105/22/1412:00 PM
Pickett13-053206125 Tulip Avenue, Byrdstown, Tennessee 3854905/15/1412:00 PM
Polk14-057374414 Savannah Shores Drive, Delano, Tennessee 3732505/22/1412:00 PM
Polk13-0502901025 Childers Creek Road, Reliance, Tennessee 3736905/20/1412:00 PM
Putnam13-0513011044 Wynnwood Drive, Cookeville, Tennessee 3850105/06/1410:00 AM
Putnam13-0548533957 McBroom Chapel Road, Cookeville, Tennessee 3850105/06/1410:00 AM
Putnam14-0559281102 Watauga Road, Cookeville, Tennessee 3850605/15/1412:00 PM
Putnam13-054460134 Webb Avenue, Cookeville, Tennessee 3850605/13/1410:00 AM
Putnam14-0571771671 Farmington Drive, Cookeville, Tennessee 3850106/12/1410:00 AM
Putnam14-057220427 Falling Water Road, Cookeville, Tennessee 3850605/27/1410:00 AM
Rhea14-057727976 Walkertown Road, Dayton, Tennessee 3732106/17/1412:00 PM
Rhea13-0541887255 Wassom Memorial Highway, Grandview, Tennessee 3733705/01/1412:00 PMSALE ADJ FROM 5/1/14 TO 6/5/14 @12PM
Rhea14-056072178 Roberts Road, Dayton, Tennessee 3732105/01/1412:00 PM
Rhea12-0298031412 Dean Corvin Road, Dayton, Tennessee 3732105/08/1412:00 PM
Rhea09-018727190 Carter Avenue, Dayton, Tennessee 3732105/29/1412:00 PM
Rhea14-056979224 Buckeye Lane, Dayton, Tennessee 3732104/29/1412:00 PM$46,454.2147802.44
Roane13-053034114 Channel Drive, Loudon, Tennessee 3777404/24/1412:00 PMSALE ADJ FROM 4/24/14 TO 5/15/14 @12PM
Robertson13-052824348 Holly Lane, White House, Tennessee 3718805/20/1410:00 AM$0.00SALE ADJ FROM 5/20/14 TO 6/10/14 @ 10 AM
Robertson13-0541053017 Maitland Drive, Greenbrier, Tennessee 3707305/01/1410:00 AM
Robertson14-0558295087 Windland Drive, Springfield, Tennessee 3717205/13/1410:00 AM
Robertson14-056117246 Clydesdale Lane, Springfield, Tennessee 3717205/15/1412:00 PM
Robertson10-00849637172 East Lake Road, Springfield, Tennessee 3717205/13/1410:00 AM
Robertson13-055477210 Walnut Street, Springfield, Tennessee 3717205/01/1412:00 PM
Robertson04-22763005 Lana Lane, Greenbrier, Tennessee 3707305/13/1410:00 AM
Rutherford13-055278934 Shaman Crossing, Murfreesboro, Tennessee 3712905/13/1410:00 AM
Rutherford09-0214411510 James Gafford Drive, La Vergne, Tennessee 3708605/01/1410:00 AMSALE ADJ FROM 5/1/14 TO 5/22/14 @1OAM
Rutherford12-0412172723 Roscommon Drive, Murfreesboro, Tennessee 3712805/22/1410:00 AM
Rutherford12-041669125 Matheus Court, Murfreesboro, Tennessee 3712805/01/1410:00 AM$148,000.00$1 over opening bid
Rutherford13-0506821110 Josie Court, Murfreesboro, Tennessee 3713005/13/1410:00 AM
Rutherford14-0556787403 Greenway Drive, Murfreesboro, Tennessee 3713005/22/1410:00 AM
Rutherford14-0556755675 Old Salem Road, Rockvale, Tennessee 3715304/24/1410:00 AM$148,837.501.00 over opening bid
Rutherford14-0567025076 Cornelius Drive, Murfreesboro, Tennessee 3712905/06/1410:00 AM
Rutherford14-055543712 General Barksdale Drive, Smyrna, Tennessee 3716705/22/1410:00 AM
Rutherford13-0544885033 Tricia Place, Murfreesboro, Tennessee 3712906/19/1410:00 AM
Rutherford08-0062332503 Sawmill Street, Murfreesboro, Tennessee 3712805/22/1410:00 AM
Rutherford13-046487108 Whittle Court, Murfreesboro, Tennessee 3712805/08/1410:00 AM
Rutherford13-049805526 Bethany Circle, Murfreesboro, Tennessee 3712804/29/1410:00 AMSALE ADJ FROM 4/29/14 TO 6/10/14 @ 10 AM
Rutherford13-048705164 North Wagon Trail, Murfreesboro, Tennessee 3712805/06/1410:00 AM
Rutherford14-0563142710 Marilyn Court, Murfreesboro, Tennessee 3712905/20/1410:00 AM
Rutherford14-0566655020 Conquer Drive, Murfreesboro, Tennessee 3712805/01/1410:00 AM
Rutherford14-0575043739 Southridge Boulevard, Murfreesboro, Tennessee 3712805/15/1410:00 AM$0.00
Scott13-053092518 Silcox Ford Road, Helenwood, Tennessee 3775505/22/1412:00 PM
Sequatchie12-038627358 Holly Trail, Dunlap, Tennessee 3732705/13/1410:00 AM
Sequatchie08-01103562 Foothill Road, Dunlap, Tennessee 3732704/24/1412:00 PM$0.00SALE ADJ FROM 4/24/14 TO 6/26/14 @12PM
Sevier13-0485084034 McCarter Circle, Sevierville, Tennessee 3787604/29/1412:00 PMSALE ADJ FROM 4/29/14 TO 6/3/14 @ 12 PM
Sevier12-0412233030 Eledge Lane, Sevierville, Tennessee 3787605/06/1412:00 PM
Sevier13-0514741441 South Baden Drive, Gatlinburg, Tennessee 3773805/01/1412:00 PM
Sevier13-0540761824 Frankie Lane, Sevierville, Tennessee 3787605/15/1412:00 PM
Sevier13-055289305 Bream Court, Seymour, Tennessee 3786505/29/1412:00 PM
Sevier14-0561753201 Pine Way, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee 3786305/13/1412:00 PM
Sevier13-0459242225 McCroskey Island Road, Sevierville, Tennessee 3787605/06/1412:00 PM
Sevier14-0563361431 North Arbon Drive, Gatlinburg, Tennessee 3773805/13/1412:00 PM
Sevier13-0530241268 Stewart Street, Sevierville, Tennessee 3787606/10/1412:00 PM
Shelby14-0572896871 Glenwick Drive, Memphis, Tennessee 3814105/29/1411:00 AM
Shelby14-0573707371 Cotton Grove Court, Memphis, Tennessee 3811905/22/1411:00 AM
Shelby14-0572394542 Meadow Cliff Drive, Memphis, Tennessee 3812505/06/1411:00 AM
Shelby14-0568791077 Bluebird Road, Memphis, Tennessee 3811605/29/1411:00 AM
Shelby14-0568813665 Arsenal Street, Memphis, Tennessee 3812805/29/1411:00 AM
Shelby14-0570303587 Hallbrook, Memphis, Tennessee 3812705/15/1411:00 AM
Shelby14-0570088415 Duval Avenue, Cordova, Tennessee 3801605/29/1411:00 AM
Shelby14-057111485 Fountain Crest Cove, Memphis, Tennessee 3812005/29/1411:00 AM
Shelby14-0571143085 Bannockburn Road, Memphis, Tennessee 3812805/01/1411:00 AM
Shelby14-0574158554 Timber Run Cove, Cordova, Tennessee 3801805/22/1411:00 AM
Shelby14-0574773436 Boxdale Street, Memphis, Tennessee 3811806/19/1411:00 AM
Shelby14-0577373579 McDuff, Memphis, Tennessee 3811105/29/1411:00 AM
Shelby14-0577159340 Afton Grove Road, Cordova, Tennessee 3801805/29/1411:00 AM
Shelby14-0576723210 Sea Ray Lane, Lakeland, Tennessee 3800205/22/1411:00 AM
Shelby14-0577845277 Algiers Drive, Memphis, Tennessee 3811605/22/1411:00 AM
Shelby13-0523615092 3rd Avenue, Millington, Tennessee 3805305/27/1411:00 AM
Shelby14-0563723892 White Owl Square #33, Memphis, Tennessee 3812805/01/1411:00 AM
Shelby14-0564612815 Burrows Farm Cove, Germantown, Tennessee 3813805/01/1411:00 AM
Shelby14-0562331549 Brookside Drive, Germantown, Tennessee 3813805/08/1411:00 AM
Shelby14-0562986495 Saddleback Circle, Memphis, Tennessee 3814105/01/1411:00 AM
Shelby14-0561683757 Fairoaks Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee 3812205/22/1411:00 AM
Shelby14-05660911319 Double Gate Lane, Eads, Tennessee 3802805/20/1411:00 AM
Shelby14-0564672232 Lake Springs Lane, Cordova, Tennessee 3801604/29/1411:00 AM
Shelby14-05649810547 Redmond Drive, Cordova, Tennessee 3801604/24/1411:00 AM$0.00
Shelby13-0554826681 Boylston Drive, Memphis, Tennessee 3814105/08/1411:00 AM
Shelby13-0554171727 Candle Ridge Drive, Cordova, Tennessee 3801605/01/1411:00 AM
Shelby14-0555775645 Ackerman Cove, Bartlett, Tennessee 3813404/24/1411:00 AM
Shelby14-0557874230 Kerwin Drive, Memphis, Tennessee 3812805/29/1411:00 AM
Shelby14-055770772 East Bodley Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee 3810605/13/1411:00 AM
Shelby14-0560541089 Stable Run Drive, Cordova, Tennessee 3801805/22/1411:00 AM
Shelby14-0559802713 Country Glade Cove North, Cordova, Tennessee 3801605/01/1411:00 AM
Shelby14-0559743340 Foggy Ridge Cove, Memphis, Tennessee 3811505/01/1411:00 AM
Shelby13-0531731015 Terry Circle, Memphis, Tennessee 3810705/15/1411:00 AM
Shelby13-0532283056 Kenneth Street, Memphis, Tennessee 3812805/22/1411:00 AM
Shelby13-0536682030 Charjean, Memphis, Tennessee 3811805/01/1411:00 AM
Shelby13-0536784809 Forest Chase Cove, Collierville, Tennessee 3801705/08/1411:00 AMADJOURNING SALE FROM 5/8/14 TO 6/19/14 @11AM SHELBY CO
Shelby13-0514634439 Hudgins Road, Memphis, Tennessee 3811605/22/1411:00 AM
Shelby13-0514768107 Cambury Cove West, Germantown, Tennessee 3813805/29/1411:00 AM
Shelby13-0514106260 Harvest Run Cove, Memphis, Tennessee 3814105/22/1411:00 AM
Shelby13-0517696964 Ashaway Cove, Memphis, Tennessee 3811904/24/1411:00 AM$66,075.901.00 over opening bid
Shelby13-0525344543 Oakden Lane, Memphis, Tennessee 3812506/19/1411:00 AM
Shelby13-0520487220 Shady Oaks Drive, Bartlett, Tennessee 3813304/29/1411:00 AMSALE ADJ FROM 4/29/14 TO 6/10/14 @ 11 AM
Shelby13-054168925 Faxon Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee 3810505/08/1411:00 AM
Shelby13-0542238891 Forest Ridge Cove, Cordova, Tennessee 3801805/06/1411:00 AM
Shelby13-0541823907 Oak Branch Circle East, Memphis, Tennessee 3813505/15/1411:00 AM
Shelby13-0552176427 Richfield Drive, Bartlett, Tennessee 3813405/01/1411:00 AM
Shelby13-0551447353 Germantown Trails, Memphis, Tennessee 3812505/01/1411:00 AM
Shelby13-0550723454 Forest Hill Irene Road, Memphis, Tennessee 3812505/22/1411:00 AM
Shelby13-0548734543 Bassett Hall Drive, Memphis, Tennessee 3812505/15/1411:00 AM
Shelby13-0549087164 Rose Trail Drive, Memphis, Tennessee 3813304/24/1411:00 AM$53,267.041.00 over opening bid
Shelby12-0334006658 May Springs Drive, Memphis, Tennessee 3814104/24/1411:00 AM$140,187.94$1 over opening bid
Shelby12-033436170 Sullivan, Memphis, Tennessee 3810905/27/1411:00 AM
Shelby12-0320303359 Elk Point, Memphis, Tennessee 3812804/29/1411:00 AM
Shelby12-0336226106 Gascony Drive, Memphis, Tennessee 3811604/24/1411:00 AM$45,481.291.00 over opening bid
Shelby12-0352855312 Jordan Drive, Memphis, Tennessee 3811606/19/1411:00 AM
Shelby12-0353557027 Wynne Ridge Road North, Cordova, Tennessee 3801604/24/1411:00 AM$85,000.001.00 over opening bid
Shelby11-0212355634 Blackwell Street, Bartlett, Tennessee 3813404/24/1411:00 AM$92,400.001.00 over opening bid
Shelby11-0295022641 Mossy Rock Cove, Memphis, Tennessee 3813305/20/1411:00 AM
Shelby11-0169733745 Oak Shade Cove, Memphis, Tennessee 3811805/22/1411:00 AM
Shelby11-0153407644 Lowrance Road, Memphis, Tennessee 3812505/01/1411:00 AM
Shelby08-0048248275 Shallow Glenn Trail, Cordova, Tennessee 3801805/06/1411:00 AM
Shelby08-0086723098 Belle Tower Road, Memphis, Tennessee 3811505/29/1411:00 AM
Shelby09-0137511876 Central Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee 3810406/19/1411:00 AM
Shelby09-0173731381 Robin Hood Lane, Memphis, Tennessee 3811105/08/1411:00 AMSALE ADJ FROM 5/8/14 TO 6/12/14 @11AM
Shelby09-0214094632 Northwood Hills Drive, Memphis, Tennessee 3812805/15/1411:00 AM
Shelby10-0056404227 Cedar Tree Drive, Memphis, Tennessee 3814105/29/1411:00 AM
Shelby10-000922727 East Trigg Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee 3810605/06/1411:00 AM
Shelby13-0509233155 Gilmore Road, Memphis, Tennessee 3810904/24/1411:00 AM$0.00SALE ADJ FROM 4/24/14 TO 5/29/14 @11AM
Shelby13-0488771551 Baltimore Street, Memphis, Tennessee 3811405/06/1411:00 AM
Shelby13-048711159 Southill, Memphis, Tennessee 3810904/24/1411:00 AM$38,195.5451309.81
Shelby13-049470672 Moss Road, Memphis, Tennessee 3811704/24/1411:00 AMSALE ADJ FROM 4/24/14 TO 5/29/14 @11AM
Shelby13-0477703672 Firethorne Drive, Memphis, Tennessee 3811505/20/1411:00 AMSALE ADJ FROM 5/20/14 TO 6/03/14 @ 11 AM
Shelby13-0479143825 Kerston Drive, Memphis, Tennessee 3812805/29/1411:00 AM
Shelby13-0479243169 Hill Lake Drive, Bartlett, Tennessee 3813504/24/1411:00 AMSALE ADJ FROM 4/24/14 TO 5/29/14 @11AM
Shelby12-037900990 Galloway Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee 3810505/22/1411:00 AM
Shelby12-03811810198 Spruce Grove Lane, Cordova, Tennessee 3801605/22/1411:00 AM
Shelby12-0391486585 Elmore Ridge Lane, Bartlett, Tennessee 3813405/29/1411:00 AM
Shelby12-0395031350 Winter Springs Lane, Cordova, Tennessee 3801606/05/1411:00 AM
Shelby02-34467762 October Rose Drive, Memphis, Tennessee 3811904/29/1411:00 AMSALE ADJ FROM 4/29/14 TO 5/20/14 @ 11 AM
Shelby05-05335627 Blackburg Drive, Memphis, Tennessee 3813505/27/1411:00 AM
Shelby14-0569094909 Longleaf Oak Cove, Arlington, Tennessee 3800205/20/1411:00 AM
Shelby14-0569037153 Rose Trail Drive, Memphis, Tennessee 3813305/20/1411:00 AM
Shelby14-0569698532 Old Brownsville Road, Arlington, Tennessee 3800205/20/1411:00 AM
Shelby14-0560241104 Wellsville Road, Memphis, Tennessee 3811705/01/1411:00 AM
Shelby14-0559343608 Coleman Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee 3812206/12/1411:00 AMSALE ADJ FROM 6/12/14 TO 7/10/14 @11AM
Shelby14-0562163961 Lucerne Drive, Memphis, Tennessee 3811505/29/1411:00 AMSALE ADJ FROM 5/29/14 TO 7/10/14 @11AM
Shelby14-0558141486 Vollintine Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee 3810705/01/1411:00 AM
Shelby14-0564016480 Wildwind Drive, Memphis, Tennessee 3811505/15/1411:00 AM
Shelby14-056422476 Lemac Drive, Memphis, Tennessee 3810904/24/1411:00 AM$17,457.7717613.36
Shelby14-0564512947 Eagle Drive, Memphis, Tennessee 3811505/29/1411:00 AMSALE ADJ FROM 5/29/14 TO 7/10/14 @11AM
Shelby14-0562251730 Ontario Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee 3812705/01/1411:00 AM
Shelby14-05658986 South Greer Street, Memphis, Tennessee 3811104/29/1411:00 AM$130,574.72167648.67
Shelby13-0552561508 East Raines Road, Memphis, Tennessee 3811604/24/1411:00 AM$0.00SALE ADJ FROM 4/24/14 TO 7/10/14 @11AM
Shelby13-0554786337 North Amanda Oaks Circle, Memphis, Tennessee 3812506/12/1411:00 AMSALE ADJ FROM 6/12/14 TO 7/10/14 @11AM
Shelby13-0547187570 Greystone Oaks, Bartlett, Tennessee 3813406/05/1411:00 AM
Shelby13-054056927 Cairn Creek Drive, Cordova, Tennessee 3801805/27/1411:00 AM
Shelby13-0539115374 Banbury Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee 3813505/08/1411:00 AM
Shelby13-0542741174 Pallwood Road, Memphis, Tennessee 3812206/05/1411:00 AM
Shelby13-0527572414 West End Row # B-7, Cordova, Tennessee 3801605/29/1411:00 AM
Shelby13-0534454370 Springwind Road, Memphis, Tennessee 3814105/29/1411:00 AM
Shelby13-0514661989 Montreat Drive, Memphis, Tennessee 3813405/01/1411:00 AM
Shelby13-0508195823 Ackerman Avenue, Bartlett, Tennessee 3813406/12/1411:00 AM
Shelby13-0458032469 Pinnacle Point, Bartlett, Tennessee 3813405/20/1411:00 AM
Shelby13-0484614177 Sevella Road, Memphis, Tennessee 3812806/03/1411:00 AM
Shelby13-0473986428 Saginaw Road, Memphis, Tennessee 3813405/22/1411:00 AM
Shelby12-0405197171 Lawn Lane, Bartlett, Tennessee 3813305/15/1411:00 AMSALE ADJ FROM 5/15/14 TO 7/10/14 @11AM
Shelby07-211183628 Kimball Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee 3811805/15/1411:00 AM
Shelby07-109048412 Woolrich Drive, Cordova, Tennessee 3801605/08/1411:00 AMSALE ADJOURNED FROM 4/3/14 @11AM TO 5/8/14 @11AM
Shelby13-0465073682 Naylor Drive, Memphis, Tennessee 3812805/15/1411:00 AM
Shelby14-05642995 Hawk Glade Cove, Cordova, Tennessee 3801804/24/1411:00 AMSALE ADJ FROM 4/24/14 TO 6/12/14 @11AM
Shelby13-0552083018 Scotland Road, Memphis, Tennessee 3812805/15/1411:00 AM
Shelby14-0560303740 Freemile Cove, Memphis, Tennessee 3811105/15/1411:00 AM
Shelby14-056954585 Brockwood Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee 3810905/29/1411:00 AM
Shelby14-0569564228 Brookway Street, Memphis, Tennessee 3810905/29/1411:00 AM
Shelby08-0053192418 Vanderbilt Road, Memphis, Tennessee 3810604/29/1411:00 AMSALE ADJ FROM 4/29/14 TO 7/29/14 @ 11 AM
Shelby07-163305352 Boswell Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee 3812004/29/1411:00 AM$158,793.83163521.31
Shelby13-0515135119 Corkwood Drive, Memphis, Tennessee 3812706/17/1411:00 AM
Shelby14-056169553 Eastern Drive, Memphis, Tennessee 3812205/27/1411:00 AM
Shelby12-0306083351 Joslyn Street, Memphis, Tennessee 3812805/06/1411:00 AM
Shelby14-0577139153 Wilderridge Lane, Cordova, Tennessee 3801805/27/1411:00 AM
Shelby11-0243246756 Starkenburg Lane, Memphis, Tennessee 3811505/27/1411:00 AM
Shelby12-031472295 Malvern Street, Memphis, Tennessee 3810405/13/1411:00 AM
Shelby09-0226478891 C.D. Smith Road, Germantown, Tennessee 3813804/24/1411:00 AM$233,807.551.00 over opening bid
Shelby09-0207932206 Night Shade Drive, Germantown, Tennessee 3813805/15/1411:00 AM
Shelby06-07341367 Canfield Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee 3812706/05/1411:00 AM$0.00
Shelby09-015222403 Clarice Drive, Memphis, Tennessee 3810905/29/1411:00 AMSALE ADJ FROM 5/29/14 TO 7/10/14 @11AM
Shelby09-0224004575 Dunn Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee 3811705/01/1411:00 AM
Smith13-053422719 Jefferson Avenue East, Carthage, Tennessee 3703005/27/1410:00 AM
Smith14-056669218 Cumberland Cove Drive, Carthage, Tennessee 3703005/06/1412:00 PM
Smith14-05687560 Ward Hollow Road, Brush Creek, Tennessee 3854705/20/1412:00 PM
Smith13-049443398 Turkey Creek Highway, Carthage, Tennessee 3703005/01/1412:00 PM$93,500.001.00 over opening bid
Sullivan10-011930910 Fairview Avenue, Kingsport, Tennessee 3766005/27/1412:00 PM
Sullivan12-033710213 Alishia Street, Bristol, Tennessee 3762005/20/1412:00 PM
Sullivan12-0410651100 Meadow Lane, Kingsport, Tennessee 3766305/15/1412:00 PM
Sullivan13-0539871392 Ridgecrest Avenue, Kingsport, Tennessee 3766005/01/1412:00 PMSALE ADJ FROM 5/1/14 TO 6/5/14 @12PM
Sullivan08-011665245 Shadow Lane, Kingsport, Tennessee 3766405/01/1412:00 PMSALE ADJ FROM 5/1/14 TO 6/5/14 @12PM
Sullivan14-056683236 Lake View Estates Drive, Bristol, Tennessee 3762005/01/1412:00 PM
Sullivan14-0557652209 Locust Street, Kingsport, Tennessee 3766405/15/1412:00 PM
Sullivan13-0554381229 Harrison Avenue, Kingsport, Tennessee 3766505/22/1412:00 PM
Sullivan13-054786294 Midway Drive, Bristol, Tennessee 3762005/15/1412:00 PM
Sullivan13-0549433361 Adaline Street, Kingsport, Tennessee 3766004/24/1412:00 PM$0.00SALE ADJ FROM 4/24/14 TO 6/5/14 @12P
Sullivan14-056974700 Chadwell Road, Kingsport, Tennessee 3766005/29/1410:00 AM
Sumner14-057349111 Bryan James Lane, Portland, Tennessee 3714805/13/1410:00 AM
Sumner13-050264137 Lakeside Park Drive, Hendersonville, Tennessee 3707505/08/1412:00 PM
Sumner13-047887204 Ivy Drive, Hendersonville, Tennessee 3707505/08/1410:00 AM
Sumner13-048080811 South Broadway, Portland, Tennessee 3714805/08/1412:00 PMSALE ADJ FROM 5/8/14 TO 6/12/14 @12PM
Sumner13-048405201 Grandview Circle, Gallatin, Tennessee 3706605/15/1412:00 PM
Sumner11-025139725 Fowler Ford Road, Portland, Tennessee 3714804/24/1412:00 PMSALE ADJ FROM 4/24/14 TO 6/12/14 @12PM
Sumner14-0563531027 Roger Reese Road, Gallatin, Tennessee 3706605/01/1412:00 PM
Sumner13-055283101 Breckinridge Court, Hendersonville, Tennessee 3707505/20/1410:00 AM
Sumner13-054955800 South Browns Lane, Unit A-3, Gallatin, Tennessee 3706605/06/1410:00 AM
Tipton14-056830114 Karen Street, Munford, Tennessee 3800405/13/1410:00 AM
Tipton13-054415216 Farmer Trail, Atoka, Tennessee 3800404/24/1410:00 AM$0.00SALE ADJ FROM 4/24/14 TO 7/10/14 @10AM
Tipton14-056945393 Rae Drive, Munford, Tennessee 3805804/24/1410:00 AM
Tipton14-0569604318 Campground Road, Atoka, Tennessee 3800405/20/1410:00 AM
Tipton14-05627694 Portersville, Brighton, Tennessee 3801105/20/1410:00 AM
Tipton11-029203507 Rae Drive, Atoka, Tennessee 3800405/22/1412:00 PM$0.00
Tipton14-0557154174 Holly Grove Road, Covington, Tennessee 3801904/24/1410:00 AM
Trousdale14-055854115 Planters Street, Hartsville, Tennessee 3707405/22/1412:00 PM
Union13-055451379 Walker Road, Sharps Chapel, Tennessee 3786606/12/1412:00 PM
Union13-051899613 Walker Ford Road, Maynardville, Tennessee 3780705/13/1412:00 PM
Union12-044742323 Baker Circle, Maynardville, Tennessee 3780705/22/1412:00 PM
Van Buren13-055271Route 1 Box 349 Hitchcock Road, Rock Island, Tennessee 3858105/08/1412:00 PM
Van Buren14-0561091177 Hunter Miller Road, Rock Island, Tennessee 3858104/24/1410:00 AM$54,780.4056361.62
Warren13-0533224614 Lucky Road, McMinnville, Tennessee 3711004/29/1412:00 PM$48,875.001.00 over opening bid
Warren14-0567473332 Crisp Springs Road, McMinnville, Tennessee 3711006/19/1412:00 PM
Washington12-0342448 Dakota Place, Johnson City, Tennessee 3760104/29/1412:00 PM$90,950.001.00 over opening bid
Washington11-025750144 Village Lane, Gray, Tennessee 3761505/15/1412:00 PM
Washington14-056955113 Free Hill Road, Johnson City, Tennessee 3761505/06/1412:00 PM
Washington12-036457607 North Center Street, Johnson City, Tennessee 3760404/24/1412:00 PM$68,000.001.00 over opening bid
Washington13-052718916 East Hillcrest Drive, Johnson City, Tennessee 3760405/20/1412:00 PM
Washington13-0545633407 Bondwood Circle, Johnson City, Tennessee 3760406/05/1412:00 PM
Washington14-0559772005 Elmwood Street, Johnson City, Tennessee 3760405/01/1412:00 PM
Washington14-056718417A Buttermilk Road, Gray, Tennessee 3761505/22/1412:00 PM
Weakley13-053645110 Fulton Street, Martin, Tennessee 3823704/29/1410:00 AM$51,000.001.00 over opening bid
White14-056013413 Post Oak Bridge, Cookeville, Tennessee 3850605/15/1412:00 PMSALE ADJ FROM 5/15/14 TO 6/19/14 @12PM
White14-055718463 Doe Creek Loop, Sparta, Tennessee 3858304/29/1412:00 PMSALE ADJ FROM 4/29/14 TO 5/20/14 @ 10 AM
White07-101501195 Woodland Trail, Sparta, Tennessee 3858305/22/1412:00 PM
White14-057241113 Sims Street, Sparta, Tennessee 3858305/13/1412:00 PM
Williamson14-0573507106 Shady Oak Court, Fairview, Tennessee 3706205/13/1412:00 PM
Williamson13-0461721225 Bonnhaven Drive, Franklin, Tennessee 3706704/24/1412:00 PM$39,270.451.00 over opening bid
Williamson13-049466204 Manley Court, Franklin, Tennessee 3706905/13/1412:00 PMSALE ADJ FROM 5/13/14 TO 6/3/14 @ 12 PM
Williamson13-0517132134 Carlton Lane, Thompsons Station, Tennessee 3717905/13/1410:00 AM
Williamson13-0554017105 Santi Court, Fairview, Tennessee 3706205/29/1412:00 PM
Williamson13-053518505 Vinings Court, Franklin, Tennessee 3706705/22/1412:00 PM
Wilson13-049577620 Creekfront Drive, Mount Juliet, Tennessee 3712204/24/1412:00 PM
Wilson13-052490615 Chicken Road, Lebanon, Tennessee 3709005/06/1410:00 AM
Wilson14-0564566464 Old Murfreesboro Road East, Lebanon, Tennessee 3709006/12/1412:00 PM
Wilson14-056151325 Old Hunters Point Pike North, Lebanon, Tennessee 3708705/15/1410:00 AM
Wilson14-055860112 Chapman Drive, Lebanon, Tennessee 3708705/08/1412:00 PM

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